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Our YouTube commercial showcasing the 10 titles from our Baby White Noise Series

White Noise featured on a Japanese TV show, see how quickly babies fall asleep. 6 out of 10 crying babies responded to the noise and stopped crying right away in this experiment. Try it for yourself and see how your baby might respond to white noise.

Proud dad's showing off this simple trick to calm his crying baby. See how simple and easily accessible white noise could be around you. If this works for your baby, then you will love our Running Water and Beach Front from the Baby White Noise Series.
If you find this unbelievable, you will be amazed by our Vacuum Cleaner, Electric Fan, Hair Dryer, and Clothes Dryer from the Baby White Noise Series. In fact, the womb sounds a lot like what we would hear from vacuum cleaners, as much of the noise that reaches a fetus is its mother’s own voice, movement, breathing, and digestive processes. These noises are proven to effectively soothe your baby from crying, as they provide ambience that reminds your baby of the surroundings they experienced for 9 months in the womb.
Another example of how the sounds from hair dryer can help calm your baby from crying. Don't forget to visit our online store and check out the Baby White Noise Series. Available in both CD and MP3 downloads. For a limited time only, free shipping for all CD orders too.

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