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Pure White Noise

The original yet the best Pure White Noise - Our flagship title features gentle and uninterrupted pure white noise sound developed specifically for babies' sensitive ears. A gentler and calmer way to soothe your baby and help her sleep soundly through the night.

Beach Front

Lull your baby to sleep to the gentle rhythm of waves caressing the shore - Relaxing beach ambience without the seagulls, swimmers and sailors. Carefully mastered to ensure it is gentle on your baby's sensitive hearing. Ideal for fussy babies, and sleepless mums and dads too.

Clothes Dryer

Best for newborns - The continuous, rhythmic humming sound of a clothes dryer in fact sounds a lot like baby's busy environment in utero. It is proven to effectively relax and calm your baby into a peaceful sleep by creating an ambience familiar to your baby.

Vacuum Cleaner

Baby Sweet Dream best seller - A gentler alternative to comfort your baby into a peaceful sleep, a vacuum noise sound that is easier on the ears than running your own vacuum cleaner. This popular title is best for crying, fussy, or restless newborns, infants and babies.

Running Water

Most talked about on the internet - Check out the many YouTube videos on how tap water running in a sink helps soothe even the fussiest baby to sleep. Soothing and calming, this title is particularly effective when baby is wailing, as the water splashing sound out of a tap gets baby's attention and breaks the increasing intensity of the crying.

In the Sky

When you can sit back and relax - Get a good night's sleep with this comforting airplane cabin sound recording. A gentler smoother white noise made for sound masking and sleep.  Relax and calm your baby into a natural restful sleep.

Tick Tock Clock

Best for building sleep routines - This sleep inducing tick tock sound of a clock calms your newborn, infant, and baby into a natural, restful sleep by reminding them of the rhythm of Mom's heartbeat heard for nine months while in the womb.

Midnight Silence

Recommended for school aged children too - Nature sounds of cricket chirping and singing provide a pleasant ambience of peace and calm to settle your baby or child into sleep.

Electric Fan

Discover what many Moms know - The steady electric fan hum calms the fussiest, crying and restless newborns, infants and babies. A gentler and calmer way to soothe your baby and help her sleep soundly through the night.

Hair Dryer

Immediate results as seen on YouTube - The sound of a running hair dryer works so well that crying, fussy and squalling babies almost immediately calm down when they hear this noise. Try for your baby with this sample clip and observe how your baby might behave differently the moment you play this track.


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