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How White Noise can help my baby fall asleep, and sleep better?

To better explain this, imagine two people are talking at the same time. You can probably make out every word said, and actually understand the conversation. Now imagine 1,000 people are talking simultaneously, you would just hear a wash of noise, and it would become impossible to pick out any one voice. It turns out that 1,000 people talking together sounds a lot like white noise.

So when you begin playing white noise music, you are essentially creating a source of 1,000 voices. The distracting external sound makes it 1,001 voices, and becomes very easy to ignore.

This creates the perfect ambience to help your baby fall asleep easily and sleep better throughout the night. Perfect for new parents trying to set up sleep routines for their babies, getting them to sleep in their own cots, or for babies with frequent night waking problems and problems falling asleep easily.


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