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What is White Noise

What is White Noise

Welcome to Baby Sweet Dream

Soothing Baby White Noise to ease your baby into a restful sleep, available in CD and secured MP3 downloads.

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Our Products

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What if you could settle your crying baby to sleep, NOW!!

BabySweetDream.com - Baby White Noise Series CD & MP3 - The no-cry sleep solutionThat's right! It's really that easy. White Noise resembling the steady sounds of a hair dryer, running water, electric fan, and many other sounds that may not be obvious to us are proven to calm your crying baby within seconds.

See it for yourself - Check out Testimonials, and YouTube videos posted by new parents who are excited by the power of white noise music.

Try for yourself at home - observe how your unsettled baby behaves differently the moment you turn on the tap or switch on the hair dryer.

We are parents ourselves and we've seen it worked on our babies. Now we are proud to offer you and your baby the very best of these baby soothing soundtracks in both CD and MP3 formats, digitally smoothened for your baby's sensitive hearing.

Your baby deserves the BEST!!

BabySweetDream.com - Baby White Noise Series - The no-cry sleep solutionSo you've gone this far reading because you've wanted the best for your baby. And, while most newborn babies sleep as many as 15 to 18 hours a day, we understand that you want sleeping aids that are proven to work.

Unlike some of the more commercial alternatives that focuses on "what sells", each of our 10 baby white noise titles were carefully selected based on a "what works" principle. So you will find titles like Vacuum Cleaner, Clothes Dryer, and Electric Fan from our Baby White Noise series because they've been proven to work over and over again.

In fact, the womb sounds a lot like what we would hear from vacuum cleaners, hair dryers, electric fans, and clothes dryers, as much of the noise that reaches a fetus is its mother’s own voice, movement, breathing, and digestive processes. These noises are proven to effectively soothe your baby from crying, as they provide ambience that reminds your baby of the surroundings they experienced for 9 months in the womb.

Not only that, each of our white noise CD's are digitally recorded continuously over a 60 minutes period, and carefully remixed to ensure it is gentle on your baby's sensitive ears. More importantly for you and your baby, it means listening to a continuous 60 minutes of comfortable, steady and natural white noise music without any interruptions or annoying loops.

For those who want to see immediate results, Baby Sweet Dream is also one of the first to offer MP3's for direct downloads*, so you could download your MP3 purchase right away through one of our secured direct download links. Save copies to your computer, portable MP3 player, your cell phone and even your car stereo, witness the amazing and immediate results anywhere and everywhere you go.

We offer great discounts for CD and MP3 combined purchase. And as an introductory offer for limited time only, we're throwing in complimentary free shipping worldwide, because we want more of us to experience the amazing results now, and start enjoying their parenthoods sooner.
*Available in 5 and 20 minutes

Act now and start seeing the difference, we invite you to check out these titles from Baby White Noise Series, visit Help Me Choose, or Email Us to ask a question.

YouTube Videos

Still not sure if white noise is right for you? Think again. Check our these YouTube videos posted by other parents.

Online Samples

Find all 10 titles from the Baby White Noise Series here. Try before you buy, and see what makes us tick.

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10 reasons to choose Baby Sweet Dream / Baby White Noise Series

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  • Tested and trusted, best selling baby white noise on Apple iTunes
  • 10 effective Baby White Noise titles to choose from
  • Natural way to calm your baby to sleep
  • Free shipping worldwide on all CD orders
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  • So effective, guaranteed to make your life easier
  • Try-before-you-buy online samples
  • And yes, we are parents too! our kids grew up with Baby Sweet Dream